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In our last blog post, we covered some of the unique attributes which make YUPO stickers unique and one of our best sellers. In this blog post we will cover more specifics on the technology used in YUPO stickers and what benefits that translates to, as well as how to use and apply them.


YUPO Sticker Technology

Although YUPO stickers have all of the qualities of paper stickers, including their appearance, printability, and writability, they are made from high-tech synthetic paper. The unique materials used to create YUPO stickers allow you to get the best of both worlds, the pros of both paper and synthetic stickers. They are also great for the environmentally conscious as their materials are tree-free and recyclable. Furthermore, the adhesive used on YUPO stickers is also technology new to the sticker industry. Unlike standard stickers, the adhesive used on YUPO stickers is strong and long-lasting, without being overly thick and sticky.


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Applying and Removing YUPO Stickers

Applying YUPO stickers is exactly how you would apply a standard sticker. However, YUPO stickers really shine when it comes to removing them. 

Have you ever removed a sticker only to be left with unsightly adhesive stuck to whatever surface your sticker was placed on? That’s not a problem with YUPO stickers. No matter how long a YUPO sticker has been placed on a surface, they always peel off cleanly without leaving any sticky residue. Their tear-resistant construction also ensures that YUPO stickers will peel off in one solid piece. 


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If you are looking for the perfect sticker for your business product labels and custom signage, YUPO Stickers may be right for you. We also offer custom die cuts, design services, and downloadable templates you can use to create your own sticker design. Get started with Aladdin Print today!