Yupo Stickers for Labelling

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What is YUPO? YUPO is a synthetic paper that is recyclable and waterproof with properties that make it the perfect material for marketing, design, packaging and labeling. The most popular attributes of YUPO are its smooth, waterproof and tear-resistant material which make prints consistent and effortless. Because of its strong and durable component along with the clear and highly visible display abilities, YUPO stickers make the perfect marketing product for many businesses.


YUPO Stickers

Many businesses use YUPO stickers for advertising purposes due to the stickers’ completely opaque qualities when printed. When stuck on windows and glass, the stickers completely cover the glass and do not show anything behind the stickers. Only the design of the stickers are visible and everything behind them is covered, putting the focus and emphasis solely on the stickers. This also gives a much cleaner look to the sticker design as other distracting objects behind them are not visible. Another reason many business owners prefer YUPO stickers is because of how well they stick onto areas. YUPO stickers stick onto glass well especially and can also be removed relatively easily without experiencing any tearing. As a result, moving these stickers from one location to another is easy to do as they do not tear or stretch in the process.


YUPO Stickers for Product Marketing

Businesses use YUPO stickers on a variety of different materials. YUPO’s bold, visible design and sticky characteristics make for perfect packaging material. YUPO stickers can be used for a diverse range of products. Popular options include the following:



yupo sticker, beverage label, aladdin print


Household Chemicals

yupo sticker, household chemicals label, aladdin print


Health and Beauty

yupo sticker, beauty product label, aladdin print


Dental Products

yupo sticker, dental product label, aladdin print



yupo sticker, sauce label, aladdin print

YUPO stickers are great additions to have as marketing materials. The easy to design and easy to create qualities of YUPO stickers help achieve a sleek and trendy look for businesses. Aladdin Print offers custom die cut, free downloadable templates and design service for YUPO stickers all at reasonable prices. Contact us today to get started!

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