Why Velvet Textures Can Help Your Business

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In previous blogs, we have emphasized the importance of choosing the right colors, designs and shapes for your business cards. While the visual elements of business cards are important, we would like to direct your attention to how the tactile aspect can boost your business card to the next level. 

While the benefit of pleasing tactility is less directly apparent than good visuals, the immense advantage it provides is undeniable. This is because the sensors on our skin are extremely refined and can effectively distinguish between different textures. Even from slight differences in how rough or silky the texture is, our nerves are capable of interpreting a broad spectrum of textures. Because we are able to describe textures through the application of a wide selection of words, it is only reasonable that there must be a rich space for emotions to process these textures. 


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Since texture has the capability of creating emotion, what kind of feelings are you trying to evoke in your customers? Regardless of the industry, the answer is always the same: you want your customers to feel comfortable, happy, and satisfied. So what kind of texture should you look to use for your business cards? In an experimental study, a female participant said that different textures evoked different emotions for her. Denim gave rise to disgust and depression whereas wax brought feelings of embarrassment. For her the strongest emotional engagement occurred when feeling velvet, where she felt content. Another participant in the same study expressed that smooth textures evoked calmness, whereas wax and corduroy brought disappointment. 

To add further to the positive emotions smooth and velvet textures evoke, velvety smoothness also bring about a feeling of luxuriousness and specialness. As seen of high end companies, their brand is associated with simplicity and sophistication. Thus, associating your brand with smooth and velvety textures will help your customers feel comfortable and pleased with you. 


Aladdin Print Velvet Business Card


What are you waiting for? We offer velvet business cards that are laminated on both sides to provide a texture leaving a special feel to your business card. It also provides a scratch resistant surface. Do not hesitate and order now!

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