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With brochure templates becoming more readily available, creating brochures have become infinitely simpler, especially for those lacking design expertise. However, the brochure design is not the only factor in determining its value. 

We have refined four tips that will help you create a brochure that not only looks good but has high value. 


Be Clear About Who You Are

The importance of how you express yourself and your mission cannot be emphasized enough. If people love your content but do not know who you are, most of them are not going to go out of their way to figure out who you are; they will just move on to the next company. However there is the pitfall of making your brochure all about you. Make sure you do not get carried away by focusing on the core values of your company and summarizing it into one or two sentences.


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Focus on the Essentials

This tip is especially important if your company has a lot of products and/or services. Wanting to exhibit everything you have is understandable, but is realistically very ineffective. The goal of a brochure is not to overload your customer with everything you have to offer, but to showcase the fundamental products or services offered. By doing this, you are communicating focus and expertise to your customers.


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Use Your Call to Action Effectively

It would be ideal if everyone who picked up your brochure read till the end. Unfortunately, the truth is most people are not going to read your entire brochure. To avoid this problem, add multiple calls to action. One tip to remember is to write in first and second person point of view to personalize the call. Finally, separate your call to action from the rest of your text for better visibility!


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Make Your Brochure Balanced

Do not clutter your brochure with too many designs, too much text, or too many photos. Keep the overall visual clean and simple. As we mentioned earlier, just covering the brochure with information is more likely to hurt the value of your brochure than help it. Leave appropriate amounts of space around design elements, photos and text so that the reader can breathe. The last aspect to check is the flow of your brochure. Your information should be organized and be placed in an order that mimics the journey your customer goes through to do business with you (awareness interest → consideration → desire → action → post-action). 

If you are still having difficulty bringing the design you want to life, reach out to our  design service to ensure you can create your perfect brochure. If you have your perfect high-quality brochure ready, don’t hesitate and start printing now!