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For great products to do well, they need great packaging. 

That’s why in this blog post we will be covering the essentials of great product packaging, so you can ensure that your products get the attention and sales that they deserve.



Showcase Your Logo

Your logo represents your brand and the qualities of your company, so you should showcase it! Your logo is an essential part of product packaging as in an instant, it acts as a visual cue for your potential customers to learn about your business. In addition, your logo also acts as an attention-grabber. When designing the packaging of your products, remember to include your logo in a prominent location. By doing this, you increase the likelihood to attract the attention of new customers, while building your brand awareness. 


Take Advantage of Color

Colors are extremely important when it comes to product packaging, as color has the innate ability to communicate emotional qualities. Similar to showcasing your logo, you should take advantage of colors when creating your product packaging design as they can act as the first ways in which your potential customers learn about your products and brand. 

Here’s a brief breakdown of colors with the corresponding qualities they can reflect:

  • Blue: Trust & stability.
  • Red: Energy & power
  • Yellow: Happiness & cheerfulness
  • Green: Nature & Health

You can strategically pick and choose these colors when designing your product packaging in order to instantly communicate more about your brand or product, or to appeal to the qualities your target market is looking for. 


Highlight Messages with Typography & Spacing

Both typography and spacing should be used to emphasize the specific messages of your product or brand, and build upon the initial response created by the specific colors used on your product packaging, and your logo. 

In regards to typography, you can manipulate font sizes and weight to emphasize your marketing messages. For example, if your product is proudly American-made, you can boost up your font size and weight to emphasize it. In addition, brand fonts should also be appropriately used, with your stylized fonts used more sparingly. For example, a cursive brand font may be great for your primary marketing messages, while on the other hand, a simple more readable font may be more suitable for paragraphs or disclaimers.

Similarly, blank space can be strategically used to emphasize your most important marketing messages. If your product packaging just looks like a wall of text, nothing will stand out! When designing your product packaging, plan out and pick your most important marketing messages, and make sure they have the necessary blank space around them to make them pop.



If you have great product packaging, you can ensure that your great products get the exposure they need to sell! With an understanding of these tips alone, you are well equipped to create a package that looks great, functions better, and grows your business.

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