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Given the current situation in the world with the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing measures are strictly in place. As the two meters apart rule was established to help minimize the spread of the virus and ensure the safety of everyone, it is important to send out reminders to keep their distance. Additionally, many businesses are reopening with the number of COVID-19 cases decreasing. With the new reopenings and new realities for many business owners, practicing social distancing measures with all staff and customers are a priority.


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Benefits of Social Distancing Stickers

Social distancing floor decals are a popular choice for safety labelling. Including these stickers in businesses has many benefits including:


More Awareness

To minimize the spread of the pandemic, it is crucial to spread awareness of the correct information. In this case, emphasizing the need for social distancing is key. By placing stickers in stores, offices, restaurants, and more, customers can be more exposed to the social distancing rules which can then reinforce this behaviour into their lifestyles.


Show Support

As a business operating in the public eye, showing your support for current issues and the safety of your team and customers is highly meaningful. Not only do social distancing stickers indicate you are taking these safety precautions seriously, but you are also showing solidarity in the current situation. Customers will not only appreciate your concerns for their safety but your support as well for overcoming tough times together.


Customer Distancing

Social distancing by customers is a given with social distancing stickers, but it should not be thought of lightly. Enforcing these safety measures can be very beneficial for the short and long-term. By having customers wait in areas as indicated by the stickers now, not only will it minimize the risk of spreading any infections, but a short-term solution can help create a long-term solution.


Types of Social Distancing Stickers


Arrow Floor Stickers

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6ft Social Distancing Stickers

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Floor Strip Stickers

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If you are ready to start designing your social distancing stickers, our round stickers are the perfect option! Whether you start with a template or customize to your needs, round stickers can help get your message across while leaving a pleasant impression on the viewer.