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As they do at the end of every year, Pantone has released the new 2020 Color of the Year as Classic Blue (19-4052).


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What is Classic Blue?

Pantone describes Classic Blue as “a shade reminiscent of the sky at dusk.” A color that anticipates what’s next, Classic Blue was chosen to create a sense of stability and reassurance in this highly unstable world we live in today. This shade of blue offers a feeling of focus and clarity, while appreciating the elegance and charm the chosen color portrays.


The Pantone Color Matching System & The Pantone Color Institute

The Pantone Color Institute has been naming a color of the year since 1999, surpassing their twenty year mark. Why is the Pantone Color of the Year so important? The Pantone Color Matching System is essentially the most recognized color matching system in the world. Originating in 1963 to simplify the color matching process in the printing industry, every tone and tint was assigned a number. The color coding we see today as thus been created and classified by the Pantone Color Matching System. The Pantone Color Institute is comprised of experts in design, color and marketing who forecast global color trends and help brands develop their brand identity through the significance of color.


How Does The Color Affect Me?

The Pantone Color System and the Pantone Color Institute have been at the forefront for color design and color trend influences throughout the years. Taking in the yearly color considerations by Pantone is a very effective marketing strategy for businesses to develop their brands. The color chosen every year takes a big role in a variety of industries ranging from fashion, graphic design, interior decor, and more. As soon as Pantone announces the color of the year, the chosen color receives significant attention and is desired for many marketing materials across various brands. As a result, the color becomes a trend, making it highly beneficial for businesses to incorporate this well-recognized and profoundly-viewed color into their brand.

Now that you are aware of Pantone’s Color of the Year 2020, how are you going to incorporate this color into your everyday life? Experiment with this new color with a variety of our products and see for yourself!