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No matter what environment you’re in, skepticism will always play a part in how defensive or hesitant your leads are!

But this doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything that we can do about it… In this blog post, we will be going over 3 networking tips that will help you attract an audience and overcome the challenges of converting leads in busy and competitive environments.  

If you want to grow after your next networking event, keep reading for 3 tips on preparing and planning to earn leads.


People networking and exchanging business cards


Practice What You Have to Say

Our first tip is to practice!

Before your next networking event, not only should you be practicing your pitch, but you should also be preparing to smoothly initiate and exit conversations. So, this doesn’t mean reviewing a couple of documents and skimming your website for a refresher… By practice, we mean that you should be 100% prepared to open conversations, tell your business’ story, sell your products or services, and exit in a memorable way. By taking your time to practice, you can make the most out of every opportunity to network, and turn brief conversations at an event into clients you regularly work with.

Furthermore, when practicing your sales pitch, you should treat your trial runs like you are genuinely speaking at the event. This is because practice doesn’t make perfect, practice makes permanent. In other words, if you consistently rush through your sales pitch in practice, you can permanently reinforce bad habits that can carry over to the event itself.

By practicing your entire sales pitch and rehearsing it live, you can set yourself up to make your interactions incredibly more professional, charismatic, and persuasive.


Prepare Your Business Cards

Our next tip is to review and redesign your Business Cards!

Now that you’ve practiced your introduction and pitch, you can prepare for smooth and memorable exits by optimizing the design of your Business Card. While a Business Card may seem minor, not only will they contain your contact info, but they can also significantly impact a final impression. This is because of the “recency” effect, which is a cognitive bias that occurs when the last thing someone does or says shapes the majority of the impression they leave behind. For example, an incredible dinner can be easily overshadowed by the impression left behind from a terrible dessert. 

With that being said, you don’t want to nail your sales pitch only to leave behind a lackluster business card!

However, this doesn’t mean that you have to give your Business Cards a complete makeover. Even small changes, like removing unnecessary information and evening out white space, can ensure you don’t leave a bad impression when you exit conversations with potential leads. 

So, before your next networking event, take the time to review and redesign your Business Cards, even if the changes are small.


Prepare Your Banners and Brochures

Our final tip is to not underestimate Banners and Brochures!

Although simple, Banners and Brochures can help with 2 major challenges that come with networking at larger events, attracting attention and communicating everything that you offer. For example, at a busy tech conference, you can use a branded Banner to display marketing messages and attract a crowd, while your Brochures can contain all of the technical info left out of your elevator pitch. 


Business people networking


In conclusion, networking can be a challenge even for the most charismatic business owners… But, with the right designs, planning, and preparation, you can use simple marketing materials to better attract attention and communicate your offerings, and ultimately, grow your business through networking.