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Sometimes, showcasing your business at a conference, trade show, or event is more like trying to get noticed in the crowd of a sold-out concert, and that’s only half of the battle! The next step is making sure they remember you afterward… 

Even if you have the number one product on the market, in these instances, you need to be fully prepared with Marketing Materials that will both attract attention, and give your leads something to remember you by.  

In this blog post, we will be covering the essentials you need to gain leads and build brand awareness at an event.


Vinyl Banners or X-Banners

The first thing you need to showcase your business at an event is proper signage! 

At Aladdin Print, we offer 2 types of banners, Vinyl Banners and X-Banners, and both are great to attract attention at live events. For example, by setting up X-Banners on the perimeters of your booth, you can attract attention and inform foot traffic, and by setting up Vinyl Banners on your booth, you can direct the people to what they are looking for. 

It’s easy to put minimal effort into your signage, but with signage, you have an enormous blank canvas. Before your next event, make sure that you have well-designed banners made to attract attention, and others made to inform your audience and build interest.


Image of x banners used at trade shows and events, aladdin print marketing material printer, custom banner printing



Even if you have great-looking team uniforms to wear to your next trade show, getting custom-printed T-Shirts can still be a great cost-effective marketing tool.

Let’s say that you are trying to promote a new line of products at your next trade show. Why not make you and your team walking billboards that promote it? Instead of wearing your standard team uniforms, create a custom T-Shirt that showcases the new line of products you’re here to market. 

Plus, if your team uniforms are a little more subtle in terms of branding, a custom t-shirt with a large graphic can function like your signage, helping direct people to the right place.



You may have a stellar team of charismatic salesmen, but at an industry event, your potential customers will be taking in a ton of information from different businesses. That’s why you need to give your leads something to summarize the info and remember you by, like a brochure.

With a brochure, you can give someone a well-organized and easy-to-store source of information that they can keep for later. 


Business Cards Offers

At networking events or trade shows, hundreds of business cards can be handed out. Some with terrible designs, and some with great designs that can generate interest… But, nothing generates interest quite like an offer or a discount!

Your business card can include more than just your business info and contact details, yet most don’t take advantage of unused space, and even less consider including an offer. Plus, by including an online offer, you can direct your leads to your website and nudge them along your sales funnel. 

You can learn about other unique methods to use business cards in our blog post – 4 Giveaway Ideas That Gain Lifetime Customers 


Giveaway Stickers

Lastly, giveaway stickers! 

People love customizing their things to reflect parts of their personality. We’ve all seen a laptop with enough stickers to tell the owner’s life story. By giving away free stickers at events, you are giving your leads the opportunity to later be brand advocates for you. Even if your leads don’t use the stickers, free items are always appreciated, and they can contribute to their positive memory of your business.


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Gaining leads and building brand awareness is a challenge when you have to stand out against a sea of competition, which is why you need to ensure you have all of your Marketing Materials prepared. Without methods to attract attention and be remembered by, you can miss out on a significant amount of opportunities, and waste your time promoting your business and networking.

Now that you have a checklist for all the marketing essentials you need, you can ensure that you make the most out of your next industry event.

Once your designs are finalized and ready to print, contact us at Aladdin Print to get started!