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Have a design and want to make an impact with round stickers or labels? Round or circle stickers are a great option to easily place on any material as they come in various sizes. Round stickers make labelling much easier and memorable so if you are unsure about what shape to use for your labels, we recommend round stickers!


What Makes Round Stickers Special?

For years, circles have been the most recognizable shape with representative icons being the sun, moon and earth. In marketing and packaging design, circles are viewed highly as people react positively to the shape. Circles emanate a feminine shape with its wholeness and lack of edges. Today, the public easily associates circle designs with memorable large companies like Starbucks, Pepsi and Volkswagen. In a business perspective, circles send a message of unity and strength, yet just enough compassion and consideration for the consumers.


How to Use Round Stickers

Round stickers work well for various products and designs. They can be used for numerous purposes such as labelling, branding, marketing, and even just for fun. Popular choices are stickers to mark brands, label packages and use as decorations.

Larger round stickers can give packages positive emphasis with a pop of colour. The size helps add the element of appeal and accentuates the stickers’ design. The focus is directed to the artwork and is highly beneficial if you are looking to attract new customers. Smaller round stickers are effective for labelling such as on small boxes and envelopes. If you need something small but still effective enough to grasp attention, smaller round stickers can do the job. Smaller round stickers are also suitable when gifting. Easily place a round sticker on top of a wrapped item and add a bit of charm.

For those feeling more creative, we offer the option of customization as well. Customize round stickers to meet any occasion or event. Personalizing stickers can help create a unique image while establishing a connection to the consumer. 


If you are ready to start designing your own round stickers, visit our website! We also provide free downloadable templates.