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What is important to you? Whether in life or for your business, it should always be clear to you of where your values lie. If you cannot provide an answer on top of your head, we would like to recommend you to try minimalism. What people often mistake minimalism for is that it is a concept to live with as little as possible. However, it is about discovering what is truly important. It brings you closer to peace, clarity and self-discovery. This is also the case for business brandings and marketing materials such as business cards. Also, minimalist aesthetics have been on the rise. Here is why you should consider designing your business cards with a minimalistic touch. 


No More, No Less


The more minimalistic you get, the clearer the message gets. It is like summarizing a vague, long essay in just one simple sentence. The process of minimization requires finding out and deciding what is vital and what is not to the organization, then eliminating the non-relevant ones.  State just what needs to be said, no more, no less. It gives an impression that your organization has a clear focus and that you stand by it fully. Precisely, it gives the audience an idea that you do not need fancy, gaudy designs to accessorize your brand and you ‘know what you are doing’. Having a card with minimal design is like having a blank canvas that is yet to be painted on. A blank canvas can be easily painted with entirely new things, so the card is more inviting and welcoming to the audience as well.


Pop Some Creativity


Minimal designs for business cards are not restricted to B&W. Play with colours to add a touch of creativity, while keeping the simple look. Explore complementary colours that are inspiring enough and yet suit your simple design. Some examples are: Orange & Blue, Yellow & Purple and Pink & Grey. 

Another way to pop some authenticity is to utilize fancy fonts. Tweaking up the fonts will change the whole design by a great deal as they are vital elements in designs. This may possibly provide the right amount of authenticity while keeping the design simple. The key is to keep the rest of the design effortless.


Get Multifunctional


Minimal design does not equal minimal functionality. Your simple business card can be multifunctional, especially using the back side of the card. Some multifunctional examples are: loyalty cards, appointment cards and referral cards. You can customize the design of the supplemental functions here with us! 

If your company is yet to begin or is going under a rebranding, Aladdin Print can confidently recommend you to try out minimalism with your branding and your business cards. It will allow your company to refocus on what is really important and eliminate the distractions for your company and your audience. Try our free business card template today at Aladdin Print!