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Flyers are an essential factor of offline marketing, often used to advertise a business or an event as well as serve as maps, guides, or coupons. With eye-catching designs and easy distribution, flyers are an effective and versatile marketing tool. Here are various creative ways to use a flyer for three different industries.


Real Estate

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It is important as a realtor to have your business known in your local area to attract and maintain business. Flyers can be great tools not only to promote your business, but also as guides for open house events.

Let the community know about an upcoming open house event by sending invitation flyers. You have the freedom to make the flyer as professional or fun and creative as you want, just remember to include the address, date and time, and your contact details.

Welcome guests at your open house with a key information handout. Provide a floorplan of the home, price, and square footage for the potential buyers to reference as they tour the property. You can also include pointers and attractive features that you want the buyers to notice.

Highlight desirable properties with a showcase flyer. The flyer can serve as an information pamphlet with photos, key information such as number of bed and bathrooms and the price, and your contact information. Try to also include unique and interesting features that would encourage potential buyers to consider the home.



Despite being an industry mostly associated with the digital world, the technology industry still has many versatile uses for flyers, especially at large events or career fairs. 

Event spaces filled with rows and rows of booths can confuse and disorient visitors. Make it easy for interested visitors to find your company’s booth at the event by printing out a venue map with your booth highlighted.

A flyer can serve as a portal to your company’s digital content by providing codes and passwords on it. Flyers are easier to hand out to passersby, and you can print a WiFi access code or a QR code linked to your website to encourage them to check out your business. You can also make it more exciting by including a code to an exclusive deal or a link to a sneak peak of an upcoming product.




Use flyers at a school or university’s student fair or open day event to tell potential students about what your institution has to offer and attract their interests.

Provide a course or major listing. Students are primarily interested in universities for academic fulfillment, and discovering a unique or fascinating class or major can persuade them to apply.

Present a student testimonial to tell a real person’s story and perspective on their experience at the university. Personal and relatable content can be more meaningful and impactful than facts and figures. Include photos, quotes, and a story about the student’s growth and journey at your school.

Offer student deals and discounts. Partner with local businesses or university shops, cafes, and restaurants to negotiate a discount or special offer. Students love discounts, and this will incentivize them to refer back to your school’s flyer in the future.

Even if you’re not in real estate, technology, or education, you can apply these tips to effectively use flyers for your business’ events. We can print your flyers in two different sizes: 5.5” x 8.5” or 8.5” x 11”. Do not hesitate and order now!