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In light of COVID-19 and the practice of social distancing, many have had to cancel plans to travel and see loved ones who live far away. Amidst a time of isolation and frustration, there is no better time than now to make the effort to reach out to those who matter most to us and remind them they are loved regardless of what distance exists. Use the following steps to make your postcard as unique and special as the people you are sending them to.


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Find a Picture that Captures Your Relationship

“A picture is worth a thousand words” is the perfect maxim to describe this step. You know a picture is special when you do not have to say anything for it to make sense — when the photo speaks for itself. Since the photo is the first part of the postcard a person sees, choosing the right photo is the most crucial step! Look for a photo that holds a lot of meaning to you and the person you are sending it to. For a romantic partner it could be as simple as a photo of the park you walked through on your first date, or a picture of the first present you received from them. For parents and other relatives it could be a family photo to remind them you are always with them in spirit regardless of how far you may be physically. The key is to choose the photo that holds meaning for both of you.


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Add a Personal Touch

While the photo is really important, nothing screams special like an intimate finish to your postcard. The best aspect of this tip is that your imagination is the ceiling. Push yourself to add your unique mark. Ideally you would be able to find something that is special just to you and the person you are sending it to. However it can be hard to come up with something right away. To start, one simple idea for anyone is just adding your signature. If you are sending your postcard to a romantic partner, adding a spray of your fragrance can be a really good idea as well.


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Attach a Small Gift 

Finally, to upgrade your gift just a bit more, send a small present with your postcard. Your gift, like the rest of your postcard, should be meaningful. But do not worry too much as your present is simply an extension of your postcard. If you are experiencing difficulty deciding, health-conscious gifts are really useful! One of them being filtration face masks to prevent your loved ones from getting sick. 

With the tools to create your personal postcard, start searching for your perfect photo. Whenever you have your postcard ready, do not keep your loved ones waiting. Do not hesitate to send your postcard and print now!