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Business cards are the most important marketing material above all others. Your business cards are the face of your brand and they are often one of the most important things that your clients will see when they starting to work with you. Have you ever wondered how to set up a glossy spot UV business cards? Let’s follow our simple guideline to start!


1. Create Your Business Card Design

You can start creating business cards designs through Adobe software like Illustrator or Photoshop. However, Illustrator is the easiest solution to create a spot UV business cards design file


2. Choose Your Spot UV areas

You can add a spot UV finishing to your logo area, headshot, or even the name! It emphasizes the brand with shiny gloss finishing. But remember, too much spot UV on a business card will work against you and lose its effectiveness.


3. Add your Spot UV layer

Now that you have chosen which area of your design is going to be spot UV finish. You need to create another same layer for spot UV object to indicate the spot UV finishing area. Also, make sure the spot UV indication area is the exact same size as the original design file and placed in the exact same place. After that, change the color of the spot UV finishing area to K100 (Full Black in CMYK color).


4. Save PDF

Save your Adobe AI file as a print-ready high-resolution PDF file. and Just place an order at

Please watch this instruction video below to start understanding the whole process!