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If you’re printing business cards with special finishes, you want to make sure the graphics and text you print with Foil, Spot UV, Raised Ink, or any other finishing options POP. In this blog post, we will be going over 3 tips to make sure your special finishes print well, and catch eyes.


image of business cards with special gold foil finishing, Aladdin Print Custom Marketing Materials


Create Contrast

When you print Business Cards with special finishes, you are probably hoping to emphasize certain elements of your design, or draw attention to specific points of information. To better achieve this, you should create contrast within your business card design.

For example, if you’re using Silver Finishing, an extremely dark background like navy blue will ensure whatever you want to draw attention to is emphasized. While Special Finishes alone can draw attention, without contrast, your graphic or text can still get lost in similar colored backgrounds.  


Emphasize Specific Points

If you’re using a special finishing option like Raised Ink Printing, it makes sense to print everything on your business card with Raised Ink right? After all, using more of a special feature should be better… Well not quite! 

When applying our special printing options to your business card, you should use them more sparingly to emphasize specific points you want to draw attention to. Similar to our first tip on contrast, if everything is printed with raised ink, that special feature will quickly lose its ability to catch eyes and draw people to certain elements of your business cards.


Space Things Out 

Lastly, we recommend that you take extra care in spacing out the elements of your Business Card design, especially if you’re applying a special printing option. 

Unfortunately, Business Cards have a very limited amount of space, and with special finishing, they could feel even more cramped. For example, by adding Foil Finishing to your business card design you can make it feel busier. This is why it’s important to have an ample amount of spacing between the elements of your design. 

When designating what parts of your business card you want printed with special features, remember to space things out so everything has a good amount of room to breathe.

image of business cards with special silver foil finishing, aladdin print custom marketing materials

Designing a memorable and eye-catching business card is already a challenge within itself, and while slapping on all of our special printing features won’t solve that problem, strategic design will! 

So now that we’ve gone over 3 important points to ensure you make the most of the special printing features you chose, all that’s left is the design work. Once ready for print, contact us at Aladdin Print to get started!