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Unfortunately… Shoppers are shallow!

That’s why your product’s labels need to look their absolute best. Oftentimes, the label of your products can be the deciding factor between you and your competition, so In this blog post, we will be teaching you how to design a label that looks great AND boosts your sales.


Compare Your Competition

Before you get to designing, take a look at your competitors. Without researching other competition in your industry, you could end up creating a label that looks like a clone of other brands. Even if this design turns out great looking, a level of differentiation is needed to truly make your products shine. A copy-cat design won’t boost your brand image and awareness, and it definitely won’t make shoppers stop to look at your products. By reviewing your competition before you start the design process, you can ensure you create a unique label that catches eyes.

In addition, you can also use your competitors to get inspired. By taking a good look at your competitor’s designs, you can learn what design elements you like and what you don’t like. This doesn’t mean copying, but rather using inspiration to accelerate the process of establishing your unique brand image.


Image of competitor packaging on grocery shelves, aladdin print custom printing, marketing print shop


Define Your Selling Points

Now that you’ve looked at the competition and established a unique look for your products, we need to narrow down the most important information we want to include on your labels. A visually attractive label can make your potential customers stop to look, but the selling points advertised on your labels can be what secures you the sale. 

What are the qualities of your product that you find most important or unique? What qualities does your target audience look for most? 

Ask yourself these questions to create a list of your selling points from most important to least, and use it to determine what you want to emphasize with your design.

By defining your most important selling points, you can more easily create a hierarchy of qualities you can advertise to boost your sales.


Pick The Material

Don’t forget the materials you will be printing your labels on! When it comes to design and branding, even the texture and finish of your product labels can be a defining feature that influences your sales. 

At Aladdin Print we offer glossy, matte, transparent, and even kraft paper labels.

Depending on your brand, choosing a material that differs from your competition can make your products stand out in a unique tactile way.


Image of a unique brown kraft product label, aladdin print custom printing, label printer


Great-looking product labels are easy to design without competitor research and defined selling points, but to create an effective label that will boost your sales, you need to put all of this together to create a design that is strategically crafted.

Ready to print product labels that SELL? Get started today with Aladdin Print!