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Now that you’ve finished researching, developing, and producing your new products, the next step is packaging your new business venture in something beautiful that communicates everything so great about it!


Just as your products took time to research and develop, so will your product’s packaging design. In this blog post, we will be covering the research process behind designing new products, so that you can launch a new product that looks great, shows off its features, and sells!


Understanding Your Product 

Although simple, having a complete understanding of your new products is a crucial step in the design process. This is because your product’s features, benefits, and unique selling points can be, and should be used in your new product’s packaging design. For example, if your business sells popular sauces from different cultures without common allergens or food restrictions, your packaging should reflect those selling points. In addition to understanding what your product is on a surface level, you should also understand the branding and market position goals of your new product before designing. Using the previous example, if one of your market positioning goals is to appeal to a western audience despite selling sauces from ethnic backgrounds, it may be best to have some parts of the sauce bottle design reflect the cultural background of the product, while keeping other elements modern looking to avoid intimidating western customers with a foreign look.


Image of allergen and food restriction icons that should be a part of packaging design, aladdin print


Understanding Your Market

Now that we have solidified the branding and market positioning goals of your product, as well as all of its features, advantages, and benefits, the next step of the design process is researching your competitive landscape to see where your product packaging design can fit in. Analyze what products fit into a similar market as you, and take note of what design elements could be oversaturated. You can also look into products outside of your target market to discover other packaging elements you like that can be used to reflect the selling points and goals of your new product. Continuing with our sauce idea, maybe other ethnic sauces targeting western customers have a vibrant and busy look and feel. To avoid blending in with the competition, you can use this insight to create a muted and minimal packaging design that uniquely communicates everything you want. 


Image of products on shelves for product packaging design research, aladdin print


Understanding Your Customers

On a similar note, understanding what your customers value and look for in relation to the new product you are launching can also aid in the design process. After all, even if you have a unique product and an understanding of your competition, knowing what your customers want is what’s most important. To uncover insights about your customers, you need to research data based on their demographics after creating customer profiles. For example, if your sauces appeal to a younger demographic who place a high value on health, it may be beneficial to include a “low calorie” icon on your product packaging.


image of customer viewing different product packaging designs, aladdin print


We know that developing a product already takes an enormous amount of research, but if you want that product to sell, an enormous amount of research must be done to develop an effective packaging design. By researching these key areas before embarking on your product packaging journey, you are ensuring that not only will your product look great, but it will also sell. 

After the research has been done, and the design has been finalized for print, get started with Aladdin Print today!