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At the end of the day, one of the most important factors of an effective business card is that it is memorable, and if it isn’t, your business card isn’t exactly doing its job. One example of a business card that millions of people all over the world will remember, is the business card used in the viral South Korean Netflix drama, Squid Games. This is due to its well-thought-out design, and unique choice of paper.

If you want to make a memorable business card, you don’t need a massive movie budget, you just need to know what design and printing choices to make, and which mistakes to avoid. Make sure that all of the time, energy, and effort you’ve invested into designing your business card doesn’t go to waste, and keep reading for more on how to design a business card that will be remembered.


The Design

The design of your business card should be simple, yet bold and striking. Loading up your business card with intricate designs may seem like a smart decision because more is always better right? Not quite. When you design your business cards you should choose a primary design element, and emphasize it. Trying to add as many design elements as possible will only make your business card busy and hard-to-read, but if you give the reader of your business card one thing to focus on, it becomes significantly more memorable. This is why the logo and shapes used on the business card featured in Squid Games has become instantly iconic. When designing your business card, pick the most crucial aesthetic and informative elements, and emphasize them to give your reader a simple and clear business card they can remember.


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The Paper

The design of your business card will only get you so far when it comes to creating one that’s memorable. If your existing branding, including your logo, fonts, and colors seems rather dull, don’t be discouraged, you have other alternatives you can use to make your business card one to be remembered. For example, another aspect of the Squid Games business card that made it so eye-catching was the unconventional paper stock being used. When the vast majority of business cards being handed out are white, one that’s made of brown kraft paper is sure to stand-out. 

If you want to create your very own brown kraft paper business cards, you can order them here: Brown Kraft Paper Business Cards

Brown kraft paper not in-line with your brand? We have several other unique paper and finishing options you can use to instantly make your business card unique including foil finishing, embossing, linen, raised ink, custom shaped business cards, and more!


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You shouldn’t overlook the paper stock your business cards are being printed on, or the unique finishing features available to you, as making the right decision when it comes to this aspect of your business card can separate yours from the vast majority that are forgotten, and part of the select few that are remembered. 

By following these tips, your business card is guaranteed to catch eyes and distinguish itself from others. Make sure your business card is remembered, and get started today with Aladdin Print!