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With so many templates and tools available almost anyone can design marketing materials that get the job done, however, even with so many templates and tools, creating a stunning graphic that requires outside-of-the-box thinking can be an intimidating challenge.

In this blog post, we will be covering 4 tips that will help you break conformity, see new perspectives, and create unique graphics that do more than just get the job done.   


Seek Inspiration Everywhere

When you start your design process, you probably already look for creative inspiration. Social media, portfolio platforms, and blogs are all excellent sources of it, however, if you are only searching for inspiration here, you are missing out on a tonne of creative influence all around you. 

Anything aesthetically pleasing can be used to inspire the design of your marketing materials. Seek inspiration everywhere! From the natural or urban environment around you, to the entertainment you watch, and even great design from completely unrelated industries, inspiration is everywhere, and it can all help you think outside of the box.


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Experiment & Break Rules

By following a couple of basic guidelines, you can make marketing materials that are alright, but if you truly want to make an impression and stand out, you need to experiment and break rules! 

This doesn’t mean that you should make your font size ultra tiny, and use hard-to-see pastel yellow graphics on a white business card. But you should consider the standard for how marketing materials are designed in your industry, and take a different approach. For example, if most business cards in the financial industry are a clean white with a corporate look & feel, creating a more colorful business card with a more unconventional layout would make your business card significantly more memorable.


Work with Designers & Non-Designers

Both graphic design veterans and non-designers with zero experience can surprisingly help you brainstorm and create outside-of-the-box marketing materials. Seasoned graphic designers can be a great source of mentorship and advice on the intricate nuances of design that many guides may only briefly touch on. While non-designers can view your marketing materials with an unbiased lens that is more similar to your actual target audience (unless your target audience is graphic designers).

When creating and after finishing your designs, getting criticism from both an expert and someone without any experience can provide you unique insight that will help you create a unique non-cookie cutter design. 


Take a Break

Finally, take a break! When designing it can be easy to get lost staring at a screen waiting for a breakthrough, so why not take a break instead. It may seem counterintuitive, but taking your mind off design can make it easier for inspiration to strike. In addition, since working on creative projects can be incredibly mentally exhausting, taking a break can allow you to recharge and tackle your design with more tenacity. With a recharged mind, ideas should come more naturally, making it easier for you to design unique marketing materials. 


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Good design follows the rules, great design breaks them! With these tips, not only will you be able to brainstorm creative ideas from a new perspective, but you will also be able to execute them, and develop them with constructive feedback. 


Once your designs are ready to go, get started printing your marketing materials today with Aladdin Print.