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We’ve all seen a college student’s laptop covered in stickers. So why are stickers so popular? They often come from brands that take care of every detail of the buying experience, making them a brand people love, and a brand people want to share through stickers. 


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If you run a small business, you know that you need to make a lot of decisions regardless of the industry you’re in. After making the “big” decisions like choosing your businesses’ location, perfecting your products, or hiring staff it can be difficult to manage the little details. You may even think the details aren’t worth managing. However, these details can make a lasting impact, and separate your business from your competitors. Even the stickers you use can be what changes your products from something people like, to something people love. 


Once you’ve decided on the look and feel of your business, or your products, it’s important to uphold that in every aspect. This includes the stickers you may use to label, decorate, or hand out as promotional products. This is because creating a cohesive brand is an important step in building a brand that people love. To match the aesthetics of your brand, our matte coated stickers are great for brands that are more elegant, soft, or almost vintage looking and feeling. You can even give out branded matte coated stickers so your customers can extend the look and feel of your brand to whatever they decorate.


Aladdin Print, Jar Labels, label printing


Furthermore, our Matte Coated Stickers are also high quality. They are waterproof, tear-resistant, and easy to peel and apply. Their smooth matte finish also reduces their glare, making them very easy to read. 


Managing the details of your business can be exhausting, but this effort can be what separates you from your competitors. Our matte coated stickers may even be what changes your business’ rating from 4 to 5 stars! If you’re looking to maintain and extend the brand you’ve worked hard to establish, order matte coated stickers today!