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Stickers are a creative way to express yourself perfectly. Whether it be to express your emotions, interests or hobbies, stickers can say just as much without the need of speaking a single word. Check out our selection of the three types of uses for stickers we have compiled.


Bumper Stickers

Bumper stickers are a fun and edgy way to communicate to others what type of person you are. Not only are bumper stickers amusing to look at, they can be used for a variety of purposes. The most common use of these stickers is to express beliefs and values. Many people place stickers on the back of their cars to showcase either their religion, political views, science or day-to-day ideas. Some stickers have funny quotes while others signal important messages such as keeping your distance or notifying that babies are in the car. Another great use for bumper stickers is for promotional strategy. Travel time can be quite lengthy at times and the first thing drivers see are the back of other cars. Taking advantage of this situation to place business logos or messages on the back of your car is an effective method to increase exposure. Regardless of what type of sticker you go with, bumper stickers will surely gain attention from numerous people.


Sports Stickers

Many people utilize stickers to express their favourite sports teams and athletes. These stickers can be placed essentially anywhere from notebooks, refrigerators, walls, and more. Showcase your favourite interests and hobbies by creating stickers of your favourite sports. For example, the KBO League is the most popular sports league in South Korea. Many people enjoy watching the KBO League games and fans of this league are widely known to be very supportive and vocal about their love for this sport. Taking the excitement for this sport and expressing interests through stickers would be a great way to enhance the experience. Round stickers or square stickers would be most suitable to include team logos or names. 


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Laptop Stickers

Laptop stickers are very common and highly sought after by the younger generation. Having stickers on laptops is a unique and bold way to express your personality. They may be simply an outlet to decorate a surface, but for others, stickers are a tool to express who they are, what they have done or what they are passionate about. Laptops have become an easy option due to their large, flat surface and frequent usage. Some place stickers of their favourite artists, brands, or memes, while others use stickers as a form of motivation. Whether you want to have stickers as a form of entertainment or sense of encouragement, stickers are a fun and creative way to get the job done.


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