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When it comes to giving your business cards that extra charm, embossing and debossing makes an appeal to the audience in an elegant and fresh way. Without having to describe your brand, embossing and debossing immediately does the talking and displays a brand associated with luxury, elegance, and exclusivity. If you are looking for a way to enhance your brand image, embossing and debossing are two great options. Although the two techniques look very similar, there are differences that are important to note.




Embossing is completed when you take a piece of paper, metal, card stock, etc. and raise it from the underside. This technique allows you to literally make elements on your card stand out as one side of the card is raised for the specific design. The embossing process is done by using a metal plate with your desired raised graphic and pressing the plate into the card from underneath. The result is a raised graphic and an eye-catching appeal to the card.



Many get confused between embossing and raised ink printing, however they require different methods. Raised ink printing or thermography, combines offset printing ink with a powder to give the ink a raised effect. Heat is applied to melt the form of powder and create a raised and slightly enlarged graphic. These two techniques may seem very similar, but embossing creates a much cleaner look to the finished product. Although embossing can be more costly than raised ink printing, the quality of the final product is definitely something to consider when weighing the two options. 




Debossing is a similar process to embossing, but rather than pressing the die from underneath, it is completed on the top of the product. Whether you want a text or graphic on the card, both can be applied by pressing the material onto the card which creates an indentation. Essentially, embossing and debossing are opposites of each other with one raising the design and one pressing down on the design.



Now that you understand the differences between embossing and debossing, which option will you choose for your next product? Regardless of the technique, both make lasting impressions and stand out from the rest. If you are feeling creative and want to add some extra oomph, you can even opt for doing both embossing and debossing on the same card. Let your card stand out from the crowd and try out embossing and debossing on your next order!