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Stickers are a great way to accessorize and are both easy and simple to use. The great thing about stickers is that there are so many variations of possible stickers out there to accurately and effectively express yourself. 



Why are Stickers So Popular?

‘90s kids may have started the sticker phenomenon but Millennials are the ones bringing them back and making them stay. These young adults are showcasing their personality through the creative use of stickers, but they’re also making stickers extremely cool and trendy. Many influencers have made this trend widely popular as you can find their choice of stickers placed in their Instagram or YouTube content to visually represent their image.


Advertising with Stickers



It’s almost the norm for kids these days to have a couple stickers on their phones, laptops, skateboards, and so on. A great way for businesses to hop on this trend is to attract the public’s attention by creating cool stickers that stand out and can easily be seen on-the-go. Just like how Millennials are using stickers to express who they are to the world, businesses can use stickers to expose their logo and spread brand awareness. 

Since a large group of people using stickers are relatively young, it’s probably a good idea to consider using bright colours, trendy fonts and cute shapes to appeal to the audience. 


Customize Your Stickers

Stickers don’t have to be formal or boring – they can be creative, unique and even abnormal to get the public’s attention. Don’t be late to the sticker trend and take advantage as soon as you can. Stickers are a fun and charming way to get people’s attention. Customize your stickers with your business logo and broaden your business’ exposure.

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