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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused drastic changes to many aspects of our lives and the restaurant industry is certainly one of them. Around the world, restaurants have had to make adjustments to their safety protocols including how they serve their menus. Menus, as we may all know, are extremely high-touch surfaces that can easily transfer germs from one person to the next. As a response to this safety hazard, restaurants have had to alter how their menus are provided to customers through more sanitary options such as disposable or laminated menus.

Take a look at the different menu options and find out the best one that meets your needs!


Disposable Menus

Disposable menus are single-use menus that are disposed of right after customers have dealt with them. Disposable menus create a safe system for both the customers and employees as the spread of germs is minimized after one use by one person or party. As disposable menus are thrown away almost immediately, many people question whether these menus require high quality design and material. However, just because these menus are disposable does not mean quality must be sacrificed for quantity. At Aladdin Print, we proudly guarantee quality paper stocks at affordable prices and the option to customize designs so that your vision can come to life and meet all expectations. Flyers are a great option for disposable menus to ensure an exceptional design outcome on premium material.


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Laminated Menus

Laminated menus are a great option for restaurants that do not want to deal with the hassle of printing and disposing paper menus. While paper menus cannot be cleaned, laminated menus can easily be washed and disinfected after each use. Laminated menus have plastic films protecting them to allow for execution of proper sanitation procedures without the need to worry about any damage caused on the menus. When lamination options are not always available, another great way to mimic the idea is to have thin plastic covers around the menus. Take a look at some great materials for laminated or plastic-covered menus.


Wide Menus


Tri-Fold Menus

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Bi-Fold Menus

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As restaurants find new ways to work around the current pandemic, the topic of safety will always be a priority. Stay safe for everyone involved in the industry including the employees and customers by incorporating sanitary menu options. Design your own custom menu today from a variety of options available such as tri-fold brochures at Aladdin Print!