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One of the biggest struggles when designing business cards is choosing the right font to go with the design. There are countless options to choose from and we know how difficult it can be to choose one that matches your brand.

Font plays a big role to represent your business and adds personality! However, it should be easy to read and attract attention.

So, how do you choose a font for your business cards? Let’s learn and explore the different styles!


Sans Serif

Sans-serif fonts are a letterform that doesn’t have the decorative lines, called ‘serifs’ at the end of the strokes. They appear clean, trendy, modern, and have a large range of styles. Sans serif fonts are easy to read and convey simplicity and offer a minimalistic look to business cards. 




Serif fonts have small lines attached to the end of a stroke and the letters contain thick and think lines. They give a traditional look to the text and is often used in books, newspaper, magazines, and more. Although serif fonts give a classic look, legibility may be an issue to consider because many individuals say sans serif fonts are easier to read. 


Script Fonts

If you want to be more creative, script fonts may be an option to consider. Script fonts are flowing cursive strokes, handwritten calligraphy styles. They can be very effective to be eye-catching for short, expressive texts. Be cautious to use script fonts for longer sections because it may be hard to read. 



You don’t have to choose only one font for your business cards. Try combining different fonts together for an eye-catching element. We do recommend sticking with two styles as more fonts may be too much. Remember, all text must be easy to read because that is your purpose of a business card. 



Now that you know all the characteristics of the styles, experiment with different fonts until you find the perfect font that matches your brand. You won’t know until you experiment! Consider the design and colors of the business cards because everything needs to flow together. Also, don’t forget to outline all fonts in the AI file when you attach your design. Be creative and order your business cards today 🙂