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In this digital era, your digital presence is everything, which is also the case for the networking community. On several networking platforms such as LinkedIn, networking occurs instantaneously on a global scale. Therefore, a great digital presence will open many more doors as the audience pool is intensely large. However, this does not mean the traditional networking medium, business cards, are not relevant anymore. Business cards create the unique connection that digital networking cannot provide. If you are one of the regular readers of our blogs, you may have read our previous blog. Briefly, it explains the irreplaceable values and significance of business cards despite the digital advancements. 


Utilizing both business cards and also digital technology can maximize your marketing for you or your business. Here are some approaches to branding and designing your business card with distinct style elements, paperweight, well thought-out language, and finishes. Kill two birds with one stone: design unique business cards fit for your branding that will also successfully compliment your digital presence.


Tell Your Story

Business cards will be the first platform to demonstrate your business to others and will ultimately be the first impression of your business. Let your business cards be perceived as a story, rather than just any other business cards. Articulate your branding and the purpose of it using a unique logo, branding colors, tones and fonts. A well-written slogan will also magnify the branding image perceived. You can further customize the details of your business cards such as the corner cuts to be rectangular or round. A rectangular cornered business card will express a more disciplined image of the brand, whereas a round cornered business card will communicate more unbound and unrestricted images of the brand. Furthermore, you can add a QR code to directly connect people to your digital presence. The key lies where the design articulately delivers the message of your business and matches your online presence.


Paperweight = Value

Paperweight of business cards refers to the thickness and stiffness of the cards where it is measured in hundredths of an inch thick per a single sheet of paper. Paperweight carries a significant amount of weight when it comes to business cards. Fundamentally, the weight will exemplify quality and investments made into the cards. Thick cards are strong and can withstand wear and tear. These are made to make a strong impression as they look, feel and last longer. Contrarily, thin business cards are not meant to create a long-lasting impression as they will wear and tear easily. Thin business cards do not necessarily generate a negative impression, but will be more suitable for showcasing on a desk or handing out at events. Different paperweight can be used for different circumstances depending on the industry, the main purpose of the cards and the budget. 


textured business card


Texture and Finishes

The texture and finishes are the final finishing touches to your business cards. These add another layer of magnetism to pull the audience to your business. Matte, satin and gloss are just a few of the diverse selection of finishes. Each finish can create a different look and feel to your cards so it is important to pick the finishes that match your needs. There is also a great range of detailed customization you can add on top such as letter pressing, hole drilling, embossing and foil stamping. Create the look and feel that digital technologies cannot provide. 

With every one of your unique touches, your business cards will ultimately become a mini version of your business. Magnify your brand’s marketing by utilizing the business cards to compliment your online presence. At Aladdin Print, you will find various types of business cards which you can easily customize to make yours unique. Aladdin Print also provides design services and free business card templates.