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Digital. One word to describe the century we are living in today. Furthermore, one of the biggest transformations followed is how we network.

Nowadays, there are countless digital resources and platforms to network and share business information. Connecting and sharing information occur instantaneously, in very organized forms of data that are stored forever. Yet, through this information revolution, or in any revolution, there are always some matters where the old-fashioned way works the best. In the networking industry, the oldest but most effective medium has been business cards. This raises a question: will business cards survive the digital era?


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First Impressions

First impressions are extremely important and they last a lifetime. Create the best first impression with the appropriate introduction of yourself. Your unforgettable, unique business card will do the job. It will furthermore evoke the emotions for which your branding is engineered. 

What do you do after an initial handshake when greeting someone? You would pick out your well-designed business card and politely hand it over.

Now, if you were to share your business contact via digital tool, you will lose the momentum from the physical connection. Business cards make the right impression at the right time. 

Business cards are the first tangible representation of the most valuable commodity of all: yourself and your business. It is designed to represent both your professional image and everything you stand for. Besides, the physical interaction of exchanging them adds significant value when establishing a connection. 


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Brand ‘YOU’

Linkedin is great, but everyone’s profile looks awfully similar to each other. Digital tools cannot give you the flexibility to express your unique brand. Business cards will, without saying a word. 

Business cards are a mini version of you. They are a snapshot of your brand. Business cards will not limit your creative and innovative expression of yourself, as long as it is within the rectangle. The style, paperweight, well thought-out language and overall aesthetics of a business card will speak volumes of your brand. 

Share your story. Share your brand’s message. A business card will be the first portrait others encounter, so make it count. Voice what you want to tell people about your business, right down to your colour palette. Others will remember your business not as just another business, but rather a story.


Stay Professional

Perhaps the reason why business cards are still relevant is because they exemplify your professionalism merely by existing. They are a physical symbol and literal proof of the time, money, creativity and passion invested into your business. 

A well-written, special card shows the prospect of your commitment to your business and the authenticity of your business. It will also be a reminder of assurance that you and the business are reliable and trusting.


Business Cards Still Matter 

Before the era of digitalization, business cards were essentially the sole medium to share business information. Even in the digital world, making an impact still requires a strong, professional impression in reality. For some statistics, one study showed that there are about 10 billion business cards printed in the U.S! Business cards remain as the most professional tool for networking even today – it is the old-fashioned way that works the best. 


Networking is still far most important in business and first impressions will last. Customize and order business cards that perfectly exemplify your greatest qualities. Capture your audience’s interest at first glance through your unique business cards.