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With summer here, we can finally enjoy the warm weather outdoors! But for business owners, that means that you can finally begin to advertise your summer promotions and events outside with banners.

Banners are a great marketing tool as they allow you to quickly communicate your marketing messages to a large-scale audience, and for a low price. However, if you want your banner to have a great return on investment, it needs to be designed effectively. 

In this blog post, we will be covering 4 design tips that will help you create an effective banner that will boost your sales or gain more interest towards your business or event.


Define Its Purpose

The first step to designing an effective banner is defining its purpose. What are you advertising?

  • Is there a sale? 
  • Is there an event?
  • Is there a new product or service being launched?
  • Are there specific products or services you want to advertise for the season?

Before you begin, ask yourself these questions… If your answer is “yes” to more than one, you need more than one banner! 

With banner advertisements, your customers get a limited amount of time to read and absorb your banner as they walk or drive by, and if your banner is cluttered with absolutely everything you are promoting they may not take in the message at all. That’s why you need to define the purpose of your banner, and stick to designing one with a clear stand-alone marketing message.


Use Visual Hierarchy

Now that we have defined the purpose of your banner, we need to use that singular goal to guide the rest of the decisions made during the design process. This concept is known as visual hierarchy. In other words, now that we have defined the overall purpose of your banner, we now need to establish what design elements are necessary, and how they can be prioritized and laid out in order of their importance. 


Keep Things Spaced Out

It can be easy to overwhelm a reader, especially when they are reading your banner while on a walk or drive. That’s why you need to make it as easy as possible for them to pick out and read the most important marketing messages from your banner with proper spacing. For example, if your business’ address, website, and phone number are all placed in the center of your banner along with your promotion, a potential customer may not even read far enough to learn about it.

Instead of loading up the center of your banner with everything about your business and promotion, use visual hierarchy to establish the most important info that contributes to the success of your promotion. Afterwards, space things out leaving minor details to the side, and display your most important marketing messages dead center. 

Image showing banner design with good spacing, aladdin print shop


Make Things Clear with Contrast

Similarly, contrast can also be used to make your banner easier to read. While improper spacing can make it difficult for a potential customer to distinguish your promotional messages, a lack of contrast can make your banner more difficult to read as a whole. For example, a white banner with yellow text is almost impossible to read. However, that doesn’t mean you should drop your brand colors in favor of bright neon ones. When designing your banner, be mindful of how your colors contrast with each other and keep dark text on light backgrounds, and light text on dark backgrounds.


image showing banner with good contrasting design, aladdin print custom printing


When it comes to designing an effective banner, you now know how crucial it is to start with a purpose, and how to go about communicating that purpose through visual hierarchy, proper spacing, and contrast. 

Once you’re ready to get your banners printed, contact us at Aladdin Print to get started!