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Flyers are a part of traditional marketing nowadays as everyone enters the digital era. However, when it comes to organizing or promoting events and brands, flyers are still just as crucial to spreading awareness. Direct marketing and using flyers have been proven to effectively promote events, which is why many people today are continuing to use this method. 

Considering if you should make some flyers for your next special event? Here are five reasons why you should use flyers:



Reach Your Audience

There are various ways you can get your flyers out to the public. Some methods are door-to-door mail drop, newspaper inserts, street distribution and in-store distribution. All methods are bound to reach people, and at most times, you can even physically see your flyers being distributed to the audience. This is an easy way to access people and convert potential leads into actual customers. Another great benefit of handing out flyers is that there is the possibility of them being given out to more friends as people take the flyers with them to their homes or workplaces.

Be Creative

The great thing about flyers is that you can design them in any way you desire. The design, images, messages and fonts can be anything that you believe accurately reflects the event. People are attracted to things that stand out which provides a great opportunity for you to show your artistic approach and creatively design the flyers. Creative freedom is an excellent benefit to choosing flyers as your promotional method as the more creative the flyers are, the greater the chance you will attract more attention.



Give Something Tangible

Flyers are a tangible way of marketing, which means customers will physically hold the flyers. With customers physically holding the flyers, the message is already sent across halfway. From there, the design and appeal of the flyers will be the next big push for them to spend the time to read the message. Being able to reach customers this way so that they have the marketing material already in their hands is a great advantage in comparison to marketing online where there is no guarantee that people will see the content.

Provide Incentives

With the advantage of having customers physically hold the flyers in their hands, another great method to convince them to continue to read the content is providing incentives. Adding coupon codes or vouchers are greatly appealing and an easy way to quickly grab the audience’s attention. If people go online or visit your store to use the discount codes, that is already a significant step in converting potential customers.

Measure Your Success

Lastly, by placing coupon codes onto flyers, you can use them as a way to measure your success. Tracking the use of these codes can provide an insight into the number of people you were successfully able to convert into actual customers. 

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