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Real estate requires realtors to help their clients buy or sell properties which involve a great amount of marketing. Realtors must present their listings and their brand in a variety of methods to gain maximum exposure. Although we have entered the digital age, a great extent of real estate marketing is still done traditionally. Traditional marketing strategies are still highly valuable in real estate as the industry focuses on being personal and providing something tangible. Take a look at some of the most effective real estate print marketing techniques still used today.



Aladdin Print, Real Estate Flyer


Flyers are the perfect tool to advertise real estate to local areas. Whether you leave flyers behind in specific neighborhoods or hand them out directly to people, flyers act as a reminder of your services. The advantage of flyers is that they can be designed however you desire with a size that is big enough to be noticed even when placed in piles of other cards and brochures. When creating flyers, make sure they are designed to stand out! Designing flyers with this factor in mind will be extremely helpful in ensuring your flyers build the right amount of interest.




Postcards are not only a great marketing tool, but they are also a cost-effective option. Sending a batch of postcards to select people can definitely garner attention in a highly direct and personal way. As postcards are directed to specific people, it is guaranteed that the receivers will view the postcards with the bonus that they will appreciate you thinking of them. Sending exclusive offers and updates of real estate listings through postcards is also an option to develop exclusivity.



Aladdin Print, Realtor Brochure, Real Estate Marketing


Brochures are similar to flyers in that they can be used to generate interest to large audiences. The added benefit of brochures is that they can provide much more information. Whether they are bi-fold or tri-fold brochures, they provide sufficient space to include all your real estate information from your contact information, house address, price, description, home photos, etc. In real estate, presentation is so important which is why a beautifully designed brochure can make a significant difference to how the buyer or seller perceives the home. Elevate your marketing strategy with well-designed brochures!


Business cards


Business cards are an essential part of real estate marketing. In order to close a deal, clients need access to realtors’ contact information and business cards are the perfect tool. Business cards are usually needed at show homes and meetings with clients to ensure that clients have the realtors’ contact information when any questions arise. Moreover, real estate is all about creating connections. A wide network of realtors and clients can serve as an advantageous tool to receive more inquiries about listings.


Presentation Folders

Create a memorable impression on your clients through custom presentation folders. Presentation folders can carry all of the marketing materials listed above, allowing clients to get access to all of the important documents in one simple folder. As mentioned above, real estate is driven by a great presentation and presentation folders are the definition. Maintaining a positive brand image is crucial for realtors as how clients perceive them is ultimately the deciding factor on whether they will continue working with the realtors. Achieve a great first impression with your own customized presentation folders!

If you are a realtor and are ready to start developing your brand, contact us today to get started. We offer downloadable templates as well as design service to provide excellent quality designs.