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Thinking about printing a vinyl banner? In addition to being a simple and cost-efficient marketing tool, with so much available graphic space they offer a lot of creative freedom. In this blog post, you will learn the best ways to utilize this space to catch the eye of your audience and communicate your marketing messages. 


Use the Right Font Size & Type

Firstly, to choose the right font size and type you will need to consider where your banner will be physically located. This is because your banner’s physical location will greatly influence the size and type of font you should use. Will your banner be placed by a busy intersection, or will it be by a park with quiet foot traffic? Will your banner be placed high in the air, or at eye level? The placement of your banner will dictate the size and type of font your banner should have as these factors will change how much time your banner has to grab their reader’s attention and deliver a message. For example, if your banner is placed at a busy intersection someone driving by it will have a more difficult time reading and absorbing a message written in an intricate cursive font as opposed to one with simple and bold sans-serif letters. On the other hand, if your banner is placed in a park with quiet foot traffic, you may be able to use a smaller and more intricate font as these readers will have significantly more time to view your banner. When designing your banner, keep in mind its position and placement and choose your font size and type accordingly.

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Communicate a Single Message

Since vinyl banners are quite large, it may be tempting to load them up with multiple offers and marketing messages. However, your banner will be passed by relatively quickly no matter where it is placed. Whether your banner is placed by fast-moving cars, or casually strolling people, you only have a few seconds to grab your reader’s attention and get your message across. When designing your banner, choose your words wisely, keep your text as concise as possible, and only use one offer or marketing message. 

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Only Use Necessary Information

Just as you should be careful with your words when crafting a concise offer or marketing message, you need to be careful with how much company information you include on your banner. For example, your business’ operating hours may be generally crucial information, but is it necessary to place it on your banner? Probably not, especially when you have a limited amount of time to communicate a message to your banner’s readers. To ensure your message gets across, keep your banner easy to read, clutter-free, and only include information that is absolutely necessary.

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Choose Contrasting Colors

To maximize the readability of your banner you also need to take into consideration the colors you use, and how they interact with other elements of your banner. When deciding what colors to use, keep in mind your business’ brand colors, and choose colors that would contrast with them to create an easily identifiable and readable design. For example, if your company’s logo is navy blue, it would be wise to place it on a very lightly colored banner as using contrasting colors will guarantee its readability. To design an effective banner, choose background, text, and branding colors that will make every element of your design easily distinguishable from each other.

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Consider Your Banner’s Location

Similarly, your banner should stand out from the background it is placed on with a contrasting color. This doesn’t mean your banner needs to be neon yellow, but if your banner is going to be placed in front of a cement wall, it probably isn’t the best idea to print a matching grey banner. The first step of communicating your banner’s marketing messages is getting your banner noticed, and the easiest way to do so is by using a background color that will make your banner stand out from whatever it is being placed on.

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With so much space available, it can be tricky deciding how to design a vinyl banner and what information to include. But with these 5 tips, your banner is guaranteed to grab the attention of its readers and communicate your marketing messages. If you’re looking to print an effective vinyl banner, get started today with Aladdin Print!