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You don’t want to make silly mistakes when designing your business cards! Firstly, you probably don’t want to have hundreds of business cards on hand that you know could have made a better impression, and secondly, you want your business card to properly reflect the professionalism and quality of your business.

That’s why in this blog post we will be covering 5 design mistakes you should avoid when designing your business cards.

Using Text That’s Too Small

There isn’t a lot of space on business cards, so it would make sense to use a small font, however, there is a limit for how small you should go! For most fonts, you don’t want to go lower than 8pts. At this font size, the information you put on your business card should be legible, but if your font choice is more detailed you may need to use a larger size. To ensure your business card is legible, don’t use fonts that are too small.

Interested in learning more about font choices and business cards? Read our blog post Business Cards: How to Pick the Right Font & Size


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Using Too Much Information

On a similar note, filling up your business card with too much information can also make it hard to read. We already know that using a font size smaller than 8pts can make your business card illegible, but if you have large text blocks all over your business card, it can be difficult to read due to the overwhelming amount of information being presented. When designing your business card, only include the most necessary information. For example, your business’ vision statement isn’t necessary for your business card, but your contact info is. You can also make information more concise to save space and improve readability. For example, instead of including the entire URL of your website like, simplify it to


Using Colors That Don’t Contrast

Now that we know what design mistakes to avoid when it comes to the text on your business card, let’s go over colors. To make sure your business card is legible, avoid using colors that are too similar to each other. Instead, use colors that contrast and pop. This will ensure that the elements on your business card can be seen clearly.


Not Using The Back

Space is precious on a business card, so you should make sure to use the back. Using the back of your card will help you spread out your business card’s content to make it less cluttered and easier to read.


Not Proofreading 

Always make sure to proofread your work before printing! The last mistake you should avoid is not checking your design for them.


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Now that you know what mistakes to avoid when designing your business cards, you should be confident in creating one that reflects the quality of your business free of typos and mistakes. After you’re done designing, get your business cards printed with Aladdin Print today!