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Whether you’re updating your business card, product packaging, or anything else, with an understanding of the basics, you can create a graphic that is both effective and great looking, even without any formal education or training. 


In this blog post, we will be covering 5 tips that will give you a great foundation to create great designs even if you are a complete beginner. 


Select Your Colors

You probably already have your primary and secondary branding colors established, but if not, we can establish some of them now! For example, let’s say your business already has 2 primary colors as part of your logo, for your designs pick one to three secondary colors that contrast and complement each other.  


Now that you have your primary and secondary colors chosen, try to design all of your assets with these colors to create a sense of cohesiveness between all of your designs, and your designs in relation to your logo. In addition, by using the same color scheme for all of your designs, you are creating a brand image that your customers will be able to identify.


Image of primary and secondary branding colours, aladdin print, branding


Limit Your Fonts

On a similar note, as part of your logo, you should have one or two fonts that you should use on all of your designs. If the fonts used on your logo are intricate or stylized, they may look great when used on titles, but they may not be the best for blocks of text or small text. If this is the case, pick an easy-to-read font that compliments the font used on your logo. 


When it comes to your designs, continue to reinforce your brand by using the title font from your logo for things such as titles and headers, and utilize your newly chosen font for body text and paragraphs. 


Image showing different fonts used on one graphic, graphic design tips, aladdin print


Be Mindful of Spacing 

Every element of your design, including all of the pictures, titles, body text, logos, icons, and so on, should be thoughtfully spaced out from each other. A graphic with too many design elements close together can feel cramped, and a design with design elements too far from each other can feel empty and awkward.


Unless white space is part of your branding, always try to space out your design elements in a balanced manner to avoid graphics that feel crowded or weirdly barren.


Image showing a bad use of spacing and the awkward area left behind. Aladdin Print. Design tips.


Use Symmetry & Alignment

Another factor to consider when laying out the elements of your design is symmetry and alignment. These factors are important to consider as proper spacing can create an overall sense of balance, while symmetry and alignment can anchor and ground elements to certain areas of your design to group and emphasize different pieces of content together. 


To further accentuate the symmetry and alignment of your design, you can use vertical and horizontal lines as visual cues.


Image of text describing the benefits of aligning elements of a graphic. Aladdin Print. Professional printing services.


Don’t Overcomplicate Things & Be Original

As a beginner to design, you could be compensating for your lack of formal education and training with research, which is great, but it could also make things overwhelming and more complicated than needed. In addition, after an extensive amount of research viewing countless examples of design, it may be tempting to simply copy what you view rather than being original. We encourage you to keep things simple and unique! 


As you begin designing, focus on your brand and not the competition, communicate a single or select few marketing messages, and only include the necessary information about your business. This will keep your design centered on its objective and purpose, while maintaining originality.


Image of text with a quote on design by Paul Rand. Aladdin Print. Print Shop


Now that you have a great foundation for graphic design, you should be able to start creating new business cards and product packaging that effectively communicate the primary selling points of your products/services, while simultaneously being pleasing to the eye.


Once you’re ready to start the printing process, get started today with Aladdin Print.