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Business cards are widely known as a form of connection and communication through a single card that contains all the necessary information. Many business owners, employees or representatives will possess business cards to hand out to others when two parties are exchanging contact information. The standard business card generally has the individual’s name, company name, phone number and email address. However, what if we branch out of that standard template? Business cards can be used for various purposes that each serve a unique purpose to business owners.


Loyalty Cards

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Loyalty cards are a great way to incorporate business cards with customer service. Loyalty cards allow customers to build up their “points” to earn something in return for their visits. The great part about loyalty cards is that they encourage customers to consistently visit the business and become repeat customers. Loyalty cards are simple to design and only require a clear logo and a space for stamps as the minimum. Brands from various industries can incorporate loyalty cards into their business and each industry can equally benefit from these cards.


Appointment Cards

We all need a reminder now and then, and appointment cards are the perfect way to remind customers of their next appointments. Include the company name, location, date and time for the next appointment, and customers can easily be reminded of their next visit with the specific business. Appointment cards are not only useful as reminders, but they also enhance the brand image with neatly designed and thoughtful cards. Appointment cards are practical for businesses that deal with services such as dentists, salons, mechanics and therapists.


Discount Code Coupons

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Discount code coupon cards allow businesses to share their exclusive discounts with customers in a fun, creative and engaging way. Rather than sending an online digital coupon code, providing a tangible card creates a more interesting and interactive experience that may prompt customers more to return to the store. Discount code coupons can be used by a wide variety of businesses that provide both services and products.


Referral Cards

Similar to loyalty cards, referral cards are handed out to customers. However, rather than having the same customer return, referral cards encourage existing customers to invite new customers. Referral cards are a great tool for businesses to expand their customer base through word of mouth. Having a nicely designed card also adds a nice touch to the brand as people are usually more willing to visit businesses that have a good image. Referral cards can provide value to businesses looking to gain more attraction through their services or products such as real estate agents, legal services and fitness studios.


Business cards are more than the average card with contact information. Business cards can be valuable for a variety of reasons through numerous methods. Incorporating a change to the standard business card can be a unique way to spread awareness and engage customers. If you are looking to design your own business card with any of the methods listed above, start customizing your very own business card with Aladdin Print.