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Opening a restaurant menu can be an exciting experience that will have your customers coming back for more, or an underwhelming one that ensures they never return. This is why a beautifully designed menu is a crucial component of a successful restaurant. 

In this blog post, we will be covering 4 tips to design an elevated restaurant menu that will boost your sales. 


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Make a Strong First Impression

Creating a positive customer experience from beginning to end is crucial in the restaurant industry, as a restaurant needs a lot more than great food to be considered a great restaurant.

If your menus aren’t designed well, you could be tarnishing the otherwise great experience that your customer has when they dine in. This is why your menu should make a strong first impression! 

To make a strong first impression with your menu, design one that has both excellent branding, as well as enticing imagery and language. By creating a beautifully designed menu, you can boost your overall restaurant experience, which in turn will boost your sales. 


Place Profitable Dishes in Hot Spots

If you already have a fully branded menu, with delicious-looking photos, and an organized layout, your menu may already be making a great first impression, but you may also lose out on extra profits. 

When your customers read your menu, naturally, their eyes will be drawn to a specific hot spot on the page. To earn more profits, you can take advantage of this natural occurrence by putting your most profitable, or other menu items you want to boost the sales for, in said hot spot

For both Bi-Fold & Tri-Fold menus, the hot spot for a reader’s eye is on the top right corner. 


Draw Attention to Important Menu Items 

Similarly, you can use design elements to boost the sales of certain items on your menu, even if they aren’t located in reader hot spots.

For example, underlines, boxes, icons, and illustrations can all be used to draw more attention to a certain menu item that you want to sell. If you just launched a variety of vegan dishes, including a vegan icon next to them on your menu can attract attention to boost your sales. 

However, this doesn’t mean that everything on your menu should be surrounded by icons and illustrations. Instead, use these graphic elements sparingly to highlight specific menu items so they don’t lose their attention-grabbing quality. 


Write Mouthwatering Titles & Descriptions

Chefs often say that people “eat with their eyes first”, and that’s why adding enticing imagery to your menus is a simple yet effective way to boost your sales. However, your customers will eventually look through all of the photos, and eventually get to reading.

This is why it’s important to have menu items with titles and descriptions just as mouthwatering as the pictures. For example, naming your dish “Grass-fed Jalapeno Cheddar Cheeseburger” is a lot more enticing than “Spicy Cheeseburger”. In addition, the titles and descriptions on your menu can use popular language to grab attention similar to how graphics would. For example, If you have items on your menu that include organic, local, or gluten-free ingredients, by including these buzzwords on your menu, your customers will be able to easily scan for foods that match their preferences. 


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Now that we’ve gone over 4 tips to create a sales-boosting menu, you have the knowledge you need to ensure that your new one is an exciting experience that describes and visually highlights all of the dishes and drinks you offer. 

Once you’re ready to print your brand new sales-boosting menus, contact us at Aladdin Print to get started!