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If you’re a business owner, you know how difficult it can be to gain a first-time customer and the importance of turning that first-time customer into a lifetime one.

In this blog post, we will be covering 4 giveaway ideas that you can include with your customer’s orders to encourage them to make repeat purchases and tell others about your business. 


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Product Instructions & Care

You know how exciting it can be to have a package arrive, and that’s exactly why small giveaways can significantly impact what your customers think of your business. That’s also why we recommend giving a simple card with instructions on how to use and take care of your products with each of your orders.

For example, if you run a business that sells eco-friendly bedding, a customer that’s excited to receive your products will be ecstatic to read a card about the great products they purchased, and how to best take care of them when they receive their order. 

If you’re looking for a method to delight your customers, leave them a card that reinforces their purchase decision, and empowers them to take care of it!


Thank You Cards

In almost every industry, business is competitive. 

One of the best ways to stand out from your competition is by showing that you care for your customers, and a thank you card can go a long way. With so much shopping happening without face-to-face interactions, and with customer service being handled by automated bots, a thank you card is a great way to add that missing personal touch. 

With a thank you card, you can add the missing piece of customer care that separates you from your competitors, and earns you lifetime customers. 


Coupons & Rewards

You can take delighting your customers to another level by adding a coupon to your customer’s orders!

Delighting your customers with product instructions and thank you cards is one way to encourage a repeat sale, but nothing is quite as effective as a discount on their next purchase. When it comes to gaining customer loyalty in a competitive market, the bottom line is exceeding their expectations, and not much can top an unexpected discount. 

Rewarding your customers with a discount may include a minor financial loss, but the value of a lifetime customer is immeasurable. 



While the last ideas related to creative ways you can use custom printed cards to delight your customers, this one relates to custom printed stickers.

People love sharing bits of their personality, and if your customers love your brand, they will also love being able to share your brand with the people around them. This is what makes the simple act of giving away stickers a surprisingly effective way to promote your business. 

For example, let’s say you run a CrossFit gym and you gave out free stickers to everyone who signed up to be a new member. Since people enjoy sharing parts of their personality, these stickers can easily end up on items like laptops, water bottles, and notebooks. Now wherever your gym members take these items, they will be indirectly building your brand awareness as they take your logo wherever they go. In addition, these stickers can also act as a conversation starter, therefore creating more opportunities for your gym members to talk about your business with others. 

Similar to leaving a card that shows extra client care, or rewarding your customers with a coupon, stickers are another freebie that can build your relationship with your customers, and encourage repeat business.


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Although gaining customers that last a lifetime is a huge part of building a successful business, sometimes it only takes a small token of appreciation in the form of a custom printed card or sticker to gain one. 

Are you ready to gain customers through giveaways? Start printing today , and contact us at Aladdin Print!