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At Aladdin Print we have an extensive collection of stickers that are great for custom product packaging and store signage, but stickers are also a cost-effective and versatile tool that can serve multiple purposes. When used as a marketing tactic, the effectiveness of a sticker can be overlooked due to their simplicity, but in this blog post, we will cover how stickers can be an effective method in increasing your business’s brand awareness. 

Continue reading to learn 3 unique ways you can use stickers!


Sealing Mail

As a business owner, it’s important that you take every opportunity you can to improve your business, especially when you have simple to implement and affordable tactics you haven’t used yet. If your business sends mail, use stickers to brand their seals! One of the challenges of marketing by mail, is making your piece of mail stand out amongst your competitors. In addition, if you’ve spent time and effort planning and designing mail pieces, it would go to waste if your piece of mail is quickly discarded without being opened. In a pile of white envelopes, using a colorful branded seal is sure to make your promotional mail stand out and catch eyes. Furthermore, by using our stickers as branded seals to grab attention at-a-glance, your reader is significantly more likely to actually open the mail piece and read your offer.


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Customizing Address Labels

On a similar note, using customized address labels is another low-cost way to increase your brand awareness. Just as a branded seal on a white envelope is more likely to grab someone’s attention, a custom branded address label on a brown cardboard package is guaranteed to pop. Moreover, taking the time to customize the little things that are a part of your business demonstrates the care you have for your products and services.



Giving out free stickers is another great way to show you care for your customers, while simultaneously promoting your brand. Delighting customers is how you create loyal brand fans, and one of the easiest ways to do so is by surpassing your customers’ expectations. Most people don’t expect free things, and something as simple as a free sticker can delight a customer and improve your brand’s reputation. Whether your free stickers are placed on the back of a laptop, or even the bottom of a snowboard, whenever it’s seen your brand gains awareness.


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We offer a variety of sticker shapes at Aladdin Print to suit your preferences including, round stickers, square stickers, custom die-cut stickers, and more. We also offer glossy and matte coated stickers and even stickers with foil finishing! No matter what look and feel you’re going for, we’re sure to offer a sticker option that aligns with your business. If you want to delight customers and increase your brand awareness with stickers, start today with Aladdin Print.