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Has your business been slowing down recently although nothing about your products and services, marketing, or anything else has undergone recent changes? It may be time to rebrand your business! 


So what is a rebrand? Rebranding is when you change the perception of your brand by creating a new look and feel for your business. This can be done by changing the logo, brand colors, fonts, and writing style, associated with your brand. 


To learn more on how a rebranding can recharge the success of your business, read on for 3 signs that it’s time to rebrand your business.


You Simply Don’t Like It

Have you been wary about sending your new prospects to your website? Or maybe business card exchanges with your card from 5+ years ago are a little uncomfortable? If you’re starting to not like the look of your brand, chances are that others are too. No one could be more biased to liking the look of your business than you, so if you already aren’t a fan of it, your customers probably aren’t either. 


It’s pretty simple, but if you’re starting to cringe at the sight of your branding, it’s probably time to change it.



It Looks Like Everything Else

You could have the best products and services out there, but if your business is swimming in a sea of competitors who all look alike, no one may ever know! If your business has been slowing down despite not making any recent changes to your business, it may be because of your competitor’s actions, not yours! When you don’t have a brand that differentiates itself, it becomes significantly more difficult communicating selling points to your customers.


If your market has become more saturated, especially with competing companies who have a similar look and feel to your brand, it may be time to rebrand.


You Have a New Target Audience and Strategy

Similar to the previous point, you may not have taken any RECENT actions that may be impacting the success of your business, however, smaller changes that occur over time can compile until your business isn’t quite like it was when it first launched. For example, your initial product line may have been very niche and as a result, you created niche branding to go with it. However, this niche branding may not align with your business at all when your product lines branch out, and your target market broadens.


When your brand doesn’t match the current attributes and target market of your business, it may be time to rebrand!



Rebranding your business can be a daunting task, but if done correctly, by creating a beautiful brand image you love, which separates itself from competition and aligns with your business’s strategy, you can give your business the boost it needs to get the ball rolling and remain successful.


If these signs sound familiar, rebranding may be the next step necessary to boost your sales and grow your business, and our previous blog post 4 Components of a Visual Rebrand is a great place to start.


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