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What do you picture when you think of a business card? For most, we picture a small paper with nothing more than a logo and some information about the company. Simple and succinct, but not engaging. No amount of decoration can change that fact. What if you transformed what would be a traditional business card into a marketing tool to engage your clients?

Here are 3 innovative ways you can upgrade business cards:


1. Loyalty Cards

By engaging customers through a creative process, loyalty cards are a great segue into building a committed base of repeat customers. Making your brand clearly visible on one side while adding space for stamps on the other will allow customers to associate the leisure and fun of loyalty cards to your company.

These cards are especially effective for businesses that are visited regularly or provide services. Some common examples are coffee shops (e.g. McDonald’s loyalty program) and hair salons (get one haircut FREE). While this idea appears very simple, it can be a deciding factor for consumers as this method is leisurely and still rewards repeat business.

One design suggestion which can help you stand out is choosing a unique card shape. Keep in mind ink stamps can rub off or be difficult to see. In this case, opting for uncoated cards with lighter colors will help maximum visibility and durability of ink.


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2. Appointment Reminders

The freedom of writing the time and date, as well as whom the appointment is with, and other notes on appointment reminders, help business cards resonate on a more personal note with clients. Using a landscape folded card will help with this goal as it provides a lot of extra space to write down all the essentials. 

Reminder cards flourish in businesses where meetings are arranged ahead of time. Meetings can range anywhere from Costco tire appointments to medical appointments.

Leaving lots of room on business cards for more personal writing can be tempting, but making contact details easy to find is crucial in case an appointment needs changing or cancelling.


3. Referrals

Getting business from recommendations is always beneficial since peer-to-peer referrals help potential customers feel more trusted. High incentive  for both your customer and the person they are bringing in since they both have an opportunity for a discount or free samples!

Another aspect that makes referrals great is that they are applicable for almost any business! All businesses can benefit from the boost in visibility and brand awareness that comes along with peer referrals.

One piece of advice is to use unlaminated cards so you can personalize the referral for each case. Finally, do not forget about adding on your incentives — you want customers to know just what they could be missing out on!


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Business cards do not all have to look similar. Make yours original to you and your brand. While the above are excellent ways for distinguishing your company from others, don’t hesitate to use your creativity to take your business card to the next level.

Design is not manifesting in the way you pictured? Not sure how to make your card stand out? If you are ready to upgrade your business card, use Aladdin Print’s design service to start now.