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As a business owner, you should look at every piece of your marketing materials as an opportunity for your brand to make an impression, raise your brand awareness, and communicate a message. If your marketing materials aren’t designed well, your marketing efforts will be nothing but missed opportunities, and wasted time and money. 

With only a few basic concepts of graphic design, you can turn your amateur efforts into well-designed and effective marketing materials. 

In this blog post, we will cover 3 design tips that you can use to improve ANY graphic.


Visual Hierarchy

Every marketing material you produce needs to have a visual hierarchy. A visual hierarchy is essentially how you size and layout the elements of your graphic to encourage your audience to read or notice what you deem is most important. When you begin the design process, whether it’s for a menu, brochure, business card, or anything else, you should always have a visual hierarchy in mind. For example, if your competitive advantage is your product’s technical features, you should highlight those features with your marketing materials, and prioritize them in your visual hierarchy. Similarly, this is why things like fine print, and terms and conditions are typically very small on any sort of marketing materials. Think of designing with a visual hierarchy like designing with an objective in mind. What do you think is the most important thing to advertise, and what do you want to communicate to your audience? 

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Font Choices

Your font choices should reflect your brand and utilize the concept of a visual hierarchy. When picking the fonts you use on your marketing materials, intricate and flashy ones may be eye-catching, but there are other methods to catch your audience’s eye while simultaneously raising your brand awareness. Instead of using intricate and flashy fonts to catch your reader’s attention, use the fonts you already use to establish a header and body text font, and use sizing, color, bolding, and underlining to catch your audience’s eye. A well designed piece of marketing that utilizes existing brand elements with a visual hierarchy is just as eye-catching as one that simply tries to be the flashiest. Furthermore, if you always use different fonts your marketing materials may catch their readers attention, but they may not remember your brand as you aren’t reinforcing your brand image with brand fonts.

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Negative Space

The space you have available should be used wisely. Just as it may be tempting to use the flashiest fonts, filling up all of your available space with graphics and text may be tempting as well. When creating effective marketing materials, less content isn’t always better, but your marketing materials should prioritize and communicate a single message. Instead of maximizing the amount of content on your marketing materials, choose a single marketing message to communicate, and use negative space to make that message clear. 

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As a business owner juggling multiple responsibilities, learning graphic design can seem like a serious commitment that you may not have the time for. However, by understanding these three concepts alone your marketing materials are guaranteed to make an impression, raise your brand awareness, and communicate a message. If you’re looking to get high-quality and affordable marketing materials, get started today with Aladdin Print!