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Looking to print custom T-Shirts? You don’t have to be a fully-fledged fashion designer to print a great-looking one, but it’s easy to make mistakes that can make your t-shirt design an unsatisfactory one.


Read on for 3 tips to design a great-looking and effective custom t-shirt.


Determine Their Purpose

What are your shirts being used for? Team uniforms? Marketing giveaways? A special event?

Whatever your shirt is being used for can help determine the direction of your design. For example, a shirt designed for a team uniform should be designed differently than the shirts your business gives out as a sponsor of an event. This is because your shirts should be designed in relation to their purpose! So for a team uniform, you should use logos and branding to make it as easy as possible for your customers to distinguish who employees are. Meanwhile, for a shirt you’re giving away as a sponsor to an event, the purpose of your shirt would be to get event attendees to wear your shirt to spread your brand awareness, despite being there for the event and not your business. In this instance, unlike team uniforms, your business’s logo and branding should take second priority to graphics related to the event in order to increase the likelihood of event-goers wearing your shirt. 


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Keep it Simple

This goes for the design itself and the colors you use.

When designing your t-shirt, you don’t want to create a confusing and difficult-to-understand graphic. This is why establishing a purpose is crucial. Now when designing your shirt, you may think that since your goal is to advertise your business, that you should load up your t-shirt design with every branding element and color, slogan, and all of your contact info, but that can lead to a confusing shirt with an overwhelming amount of information. When designing your t-shirt, don’t overcomplicate it to the point the main message is lost in a sea of branding and flashy colors.  


Using a Graphic That’s Too Large or Heavy

Bigger isn’t always better!

We’re sure you’re proud of the designs you make, but blowing it up as large as possible probably isn’t the best idea. This is due to the fact that a huge graphic can make your shirt stiff and uncomfortable. For example, if you print a HUGE graphic on the chest of your shirt, you are essentially making that entire section of your shirt less breathable, and stiff. This is especially true for graphics that have less negative space. So unless it’s absolutely necessary, or your design has a significant amount of negative space, we recommend keeping the size of your graphic moderate in order to keep your custom t-shirt comfortable. 


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Now that you are 3 tips closer to being a fashion designer, or at least a business owner that is more well versed in t-shirt printing, you’re ready to print a custom t-shirt that is great looking and effective. Get started today with Aladdin Print!