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Custom Die Cut Business Cards or Shaped Business Cards, are as you have probably predicted, business cards that stray away from the conventional size and shape. The obvious differentiating feature of these cards is that they don’t look like the rest, what isn’t as obvious, is how a Shaped Business Card can contribute to the growth of your business.


To learn more on how your business can benefit from Shaped Business Cards, continue reading!


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Wow Your Customers Affordably 

Investing in marketing initiatives can be incredibly expensive, especially if you are going for something with a “wow” factor. What may come to mind may be a brand new website complete with flashy features and graphics, or a cinematic video campaign shot with drone footage and blockbuster editing, but you can also wow your customers and market your business with something as simple as a Shaped Business Card. 


People are accustomed to standard practices, and using a Shaped Business Card is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to break the mold and wow your next customer. 


Stand-Out at Events & Conferences

Most people know that they should limit the information listed on their business card to what is most important. They also know that a great design will help their business card stand out. But, what most people DON’T have is a business card with a unique shape. 


At events and conferences attendees are both prepared and expecting to hand out their business card, but what they don’t expect is to be handed a business card that is uniquely shaped. Similar to the first benefit, Shaped Business cards are a great way to wow potential customers, especially when your business card stands out from every single one they previously received. 


Boost Your Creative Credibility 

No matter what industry you’re in you need to have a great business card, but in some industries, having a Shaped Business Card is PERFECT. For example, a Shaped Business Card would be great for creative industries or restaurants. If you’re a photographer, a unique business card shaped like a camera can demonstrate your creative ability when meeting potential customers. If you own a cafe, a Shaped Business Card would be great to implement a loyalty program that your customers will remember to use.


For industries more traditional and corporate, it may be better to stick to the status quo, but for more relaxed and fun industries that value creativity, Shaped Business Cards are perfect!


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Innovation is what wows people and with Shaped Business Cards you are innovating one of the oldest methods of gaining businesses, exchanging business cards. 


If you’re looking for an affordable marketing tactic to wow your next customer, get Shaped Business Cards from Aladdin Print today!